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Evaluating, Enhancing,

Expanding, and Empowering

Why the HiMac Center?

The HiMac Center for Creative Thinking, Entrepreneurial Innovation, and Organizational Development is a minority owned consulting organization designed to empower individuals to think strategically, encourage organizations to reach a sustainable level of high performance, embrace genuine leadership, and foster a spirit of community and economic development. The HiMac Center started simply by reaching out and helping individuals develop nonprofit organizations, assess organization performance, engage in critical thinking to support education initiatives and learning, add value to individuals transitioning personally and professionally, and coach potential business leaders to reach higher levels of thinking and performing. We work with organizations of all types including school districts, nonprofit organizations, charter schools, institutions of higher learning, churches, school organizations, small and large businesses. The HiMac Center also offers individual and group mentoring and coaching to support a strategic, productive mindset personally and professionally.


The consultants (mentors) at the HiMac Center are professionals from various fields of expertise to include higher education, business management, leadership, technology, nonprofit sector, community development, health, and more. Many of our consultants have over 20+ years of experience in their field of expertise. HiMac works with organizations to develop strategies and business plans, structure organizations and groups for high performing success, working alongside our clients as partners toward the shared goal of accelerating business, program, or individual success. HiMac not only works with organizations, but we coach and mentor individuals to become successful business leaders in their field by living intentionally and adding value to others through leading.


HiMac consultants will charge either a hourly, daily, or monthly rate depending on the type, and how complex the service requested. HiMac makes every effort to work within your budget and help you move forward effectively.  HiMac will sit down with you and discuss your needs and then provide a proposal that will specify outcomes and fees to meet your particular needs.  


Our consultants are all females, who worked together to create a village of knowledge to share, transform, and empower others in reaching their full potential. HiMac is personal, but professional. HiMac is comprehensive, experienced, and dynamic, but fun! HiMac is customer service driven with results. 


Why the HiMac Center? Because we care!

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