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Are You Prepared to Lead? Are You Ready for Change?



The HiMac Center is ready to assist you - don't do it alone.

Grant Development and Mapping


HiMac Center Consultants work with you or your group in identifying program strengths  or areas needing improvement before preparing the proposal for funding. We work with you one on one to ensure you have a solid program foundation before approaching funders. HiMac helps you map out a fundraising plan to support your programming and sustain your vision Grant mapping provide a proven approach to help you visualize and resolve program gaps, redundancies, and disconnects in your program design prior to writing a proposal for funding.


This is a comprehensive approach to seeking funding. However, after our analysis of your program and organization, we develop a fundraising plan of action and funders report complete with various potential funding streams and activites for you to apply. 


Organization Assessment, Program Evaluation, and Sustainable Development


A HiMac organization assessment coach (Independent Evaluator) sits down over a period of time with an organization, school, or business to collect specific data on programming, operations, customers, financial management, activities, performance, services, human resources, or various other areas in an effort to see general operations, trends, processes and staff patterns, dynamics, and basic standard operations and procedures. An organization assessment/evaluation/analysis can be comprehensive analyzing  all aspects of the organization (programming/services, business structure, human resources, finances, internal systems, safe and supportive environment, leadership, culture, branding, and more); or it can concentrate on preferred areas, depending on the needs of the organization. The organization assessment is the first phase in a strategic planning, change, or improvement course of action. The organization assessment provides an accurate analysis of the organization’s current strengths and areas for improvement. You will leave this session with an organization framework for operation effectiveness and success.


Organization assessments are conducted over a period of time depending on the needs of the organization. We conduct interviews, surveys, focus groups, interact with stakeholders, staff, students, parents, and more utilizing various different assessment instruments based on your needs, desired outcomes, and organization. 


Professional Development Training


The HiMac Center has experienced consultants who specialize in many areas that can help your small business, nonprofit, or school. Some of the training areas include:


Mental Health and Youth

Grant Development

Program Assessment

Board Development

Classroom Management

Grant Budgeting

Change Management

Starting a Business

Program Development

Nonprofit Management

Design Thinking

Team Building and Collaboration

Social and Emotional Learning


True Colors

Safety Awareness

Classroom Effectiveness

Capacity Development

Nonprofit and Board Diagnostics

A Board Diagnostics is an in-depth look into the performance of your organization’s board of directors, and an efficient way to engage board members in self-assessing board performance and identifying areas where improvement are needed in order to move to a higher level of functioning. Board diagnostics is an evaluation and is the most effective way to ensure your board members recognize their responsibilities and employ effective proficient governing practices. HiMac’s Board Diagnostics process transforms your board and board leaders to the next level of high-quality performance to better support your organization for long-term strategic results. The HiMac board diagnostics helps your organization identify challenges, explore strategic solutions, and embrace opportunities to engage, enhance, and expand. 


Board diagnostics are done as an organization group, one-on-one, workshops, or as a 2-day retreat. HiMac most requested service is the 2-day retreat. 



Career Coaching, and Performance Management


HiMac believes continued learning and development is not only an investment in one’s future but a significant part of an individual’s efforts to add-value to a highly-skilled workforce ready to meet the challenges of a changing organization and world. Participants are involved in training workshops, mentoring and coaching sessions, and networking opportunities to engage, enhance, and embrace the experience of skill development and performance management for success. The Career Coaching, and Performance Management relationship helps organizations and individuals meet their missions and achieve their visions.


In addition, HiMac is committed to helping recent graduates, and entry-level employees identify career and leadership goals and provide strategies to achieve them.  Whether you are new to your career and are looking to improve your leadership potential, a recent graduate out of work and seeking a plan to move you in the right direction, or seeking to transition into another career field, HiMac is available to assist you in developing a human and social capital leadership plan that will contribute in opening new doors of opportunity, and performance outcome success.


Life and Business Coaching, Mentoring, and Design Thinking


In our lives we may go through several transitions in work, personal experiences, or in what we simply believe is our purpose. We don't always know exactly who we are, our purpose, or even what journey or path we should explore. A transition can be tough if you are confused, conflicted in thought, and unable to make a decision or go down a new path. The design thinking approach to coaching allows time to discover and reflect while seeking opportunities to assist in moving forward.

Working with your own personal coach or mentor is probably the most effective way to improve personal and professional results in your life. The benefits of coaching are many and include shifting our thoughts and actions from reacting to creating; discovering insights and opportunities.

At HiMac, we have several experienced coaches and mentors willing to help you design an action plan to support your career or life endeavors. We work with you to support, empower, engage, and evolve the inner you on your next journey in life. 

Depending on your needs, we assign a coach or mentor to work with you for a period of time, generally 6, 9, or 12 months. The HiMac Center coaches and mentors help you to unlock potential and identify methods for moving forward for greater personal and professional growth. 

We also engage group idealogy processing with one of our many mindset groups such as the Executive Club which has been instrumental in helping to engage a discussion around various topics to provide feedback and improved professional performance in small businesses. 


Diversity Awareness and Inclusion

Organizations wanting to take advantage of what the nation has to offer in individuals with education, skills, culture, talents, and various characteristics should embrace the effectiveness of diversity training for their workforce. Being aware of individuals differences and what they can bring to the workplace is essential. 

HiMac Center provides various different training and workshops to engage employees in identity and awareness of others differences and unique characteristics, thought provoking conversations, and hands-on group involved activities that bring education and awareness on cultural differences.

Training provides the knowledge, skills and awareness tools to assist employees and leadership team members in behaving differently, more culturally aware. This is significant for developing and sustaining change that fosters a more creative, inclusive, respectful, productive,and high performing workplace. 

Leadership Development

Learning to lead effectively can be challenging and rewarding but along the way many valuable lessons are learned and help to create a foundation of experience for leadership and leading others through enhance management,  organization performance, capacity building, and high performance.


HiMac embraces many concepts formulated from great leaders in the field such as John C. Maxwell, Kouzes and Posner, Peter Senge, and more. HiMac consultants are experienced, certified to train, provide technical assistance, mentor, and coach in many areas or leadership development, and embrace leading change, leading people, building coalitions, and results driven outcomes for greater success.

From succession planning, recruitment, performance management, sustainability, career planning, identifying leadership gaps, innovative thinking, and change management, HiMac coaches are there to help every step of the process. 



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