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Creative Thinking
Entrepreneurial Innovation &
Organizational Development, LLC


​The HiMac Center LLC group is instrumental in facilitating the growth and high performance of our client organizations and individuals by providing services that positively influence organizational efficiency, program effectiveness, sustainability, motivation, and personal achievement. Our consultants are also engaged in working one-on-one with individuals and groups to improve performance, strategic thinking, and intentional activity.




HiMac believes in establishing lasting relationships with our customers based on mutual trust and a commitment to excellence in service and continued coaching and mentoring. We provide small businesses, schools and school districts, and nonprofit organizations with professional program management rigor to ensure business objectives are identified and enhanced. We take time to ensure a comprehensive assessment is conducted during the initial consultation phase to meet your needs and minimize gaps in services.





HiMac is in the business to help our clients through coaching, mentoring, and training. 


HiMac performs consulting services with the highest level of personal, professional, and ethical integrity. From starting a business, assessing a concept, board development, writing a proposal for funding, engaging new teachers, program evaluation, or simply fun teamwork activities, our consultants take the time to meet your needs and provide services to enhance, expand, and sustain your business.




Attend a workshop and learn more about our services while learning a new skill or enhancing your knowledge base. Workshops are held throughout the year and can be hosted by your business or organization in any city.


"I wanted to start a nonprofit organization and did not know where to start or if my business concept was truly what I wanted to do. I contacted the HiMac Center to coach me on the proper steps to take and guide me through the start up phases of getting started. They spent an entire year mentoring me and even helped me write my first proposal for funding a program. I've hired them again to conduct an evaluation of my program for effectiveness and programmatic gaps."

"The HiMac Center's Retreats are the best. I went alone and felt so extremely welcomed and enjoyed the networking among the other ladies. The group became my new group of business friends and a few have sine become partners in a couple activities I did for my organization. I have participated in 2 of the Leading Ladies Retreats and will definitely attend more in the near future." (Lynn Synder)

"I was assigned a personal business coach who has helped me get from one level in my thinking to a whole different, but strategic mindset in motivating me and reaching my next phase in life. I worked with the coach for 6 months and accomplished more in this time than I had in the past 4 years of trying to increase my services, retain staff, and take my organization to the next level. I have now hired them to mentor me personally in different phases of my life and where I want to go next." (Denise Adams)

"I'm so glad I called the HiMac Center to help me with developing my grant proposal. I was approved to receive the 3 year grant funding for my nonprofit." (Lamont Washington)

"The HiMac Center mentors are great. The retreats are the best, I have learned so much over a weekend of fun, networking, and relaxation" (Lisa Meijerinck)

"We needed a program evaluator and the HiMac Center was a good group to work with. They were friendly, considerate, knowledgeable, and not only gave us a honest assessment of our program operations, but solutions in moving things forward." 

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